Friday, July 29, 2011

the warning message

i hope everyone is able to find some way to escape the norm just for one day this long weekend. whether you're camped out at the beach, at a forest rave (ha), or at home with a book, take some time for yourself. nothing but miles and miles of open road and green fields for me. see you all next week, hopefully well rested.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

turquoise & caicos

to the country

is anyone else going away this weekend? i'm planning on heading up to collingwood for a weekend in the sun, complete with pool and all. as per usual, if i could grab a dream outfit out of my non-existant closet (damn you lofts, with your open-concept living) this would be the one. denim shorts, an easy-breazy floral top, and some comfy flats. throw on some "turquoise & caucos" nail polish and you can find me by the pool.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


tiff just recently announced the first 50 movies playing at the festival this year and it was hard to choose just one to talk about. but the second i clicked on the website for meloncholia, i know i had to see it. plus it stars alexander skarsgard, just sayin'. the basic plot of the film revolves around two sisters in dispute while the life of the planet is threatened as a large foreign body approaches, portending a deadly collision. trier's main idea for the film was to dramatise how a depressive person reacts more calmly than others in a situation of disaster. what i love is how romantic everything looks. if you check out the website you'll know what i mean.

miss murder

i LOVE these bracelets (paired with black nails). i have seriously given myself a scolding for discarding all the old "punk rock" bracelets that covered my wrists in high school. i found similar styles of bracelets below at forever 21, and really, how can you go wrong with the price?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

new song by blink 182 - up all night

have you heard it, the new song by blink 182? it's not bad, sounds like they started where they left off with their last self titled "blink 182" album.

what to wear on a smokin' hot day

hot summer day

basically, not a lot of clothes, and a lot of accessories. keep it simple, light and clean. i'm digging the peach, black and gold combo right now.

think cold thoughts

i know back when we were shooting this photo, i was wishing and pleading for the sunniest of summer days. but now that i've just gone outside and experienced that sweaty sauna that everyone is calling summer, i'll gladly go back to the coldest photo shoot ever. i know everyone wishes for the opposite whichever season they're in, but i honestly don't complain much in the winter. it's nothing a big comfy sweater, mug of hot chocolate, and ra oaring fire can't solve.

value village find: eaton's deluxe typewriter ($7)

last night i braved the heat and scoped out my local value village yet again. and lucky me because i found the typewriter of my dreams. a sleek, charcoal, eaton's deluxe portable, manual typewriter. she's fully operational and even came with the original carrying case and all for a cool $7. i checked it out online and found that this brand, in good condition, can sell for around $150 so i think i got a good deal.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

what to wear on a date

date night

i'm still trying to figure out what my signature style is, and the first conclusion i've come to is that i'm always trying to throw in a little rock and roll, whether it be with my constant black nails and heavy liner or with a studded bracelet. it's always there. i hope as i keep developing these outfits i'll begin to nail down what else makes my outfits "me".

i'm supposed to be catching a free flick at the harbourfront this evening and i need an outfit. so... what to wear on a date, it's always a tough question. i like to mix more feminine pieces with a little, what else, rock and roll. take this polka dot dress and throw on a black leather jacket. add some pearls, with a dark smoky eye and voila, instant girl with an edge (hah).

a stroll through the bouquinistes

one of the most memorable spot in paris for me was the bouquinistes stalls along the seine river. this is where you can find over 200 vendors, selling rare, new and used books / sheet music and other small collectibles while walking along the seine river. everything is contained in these large green, metal boxes (which you can see above) and around lunch time they open them all and expose all their little treasures. we picked up lots of sheet music, old postcards, and a couple prints. what you see above framed is just some of what we picked up and now have on display.

Monday, July 18, 2011

amor fati

i just discovered washed out no more than 5 minutes ago, and i've fallen in love with this song, amor fati, from their new album within and without. it sound like something right out of the eighties. check it out below, and click the little arrow on the right of the player if you want to download. the whole album is available on iTunes as well.

some interesting facts on the term 'amor fati' via wikipedia...
"a latin phrase loosely translating to "love of fate" or "love of one's fate". it is used to describe an attitude in which one sees everything that happens in one's life, including suffering and loss, as good. moreover, it is characterized by an acceptance of the events or situations that occur in one's life."

Washed Out, "Amor Fati" by The FADER

book hit-list: a moveable feast

in case you missed the original post, this summer i have dedicated myself to catching up on what i consider the literary basics. books i should have read by now, but they've somehow slipped through the cracks. the first book i can cross off the list is a moveable feast by ernest hemingway (which callum picked up in paris at shakespeare and company, the very store hemingway devotes a chapter to describing in the novel). this review may be a little prejudiced as i just traveled to paris last september, but reading this book brought me back to that little cafe just outside of our apartment. hemingway can describe a scene like no other, he's straight to the point, with little use of abjectives, but he still paints a beautiful picture and you feel like you're sitting right beside him taking it all in. the book is a memoir to his early days in paris (1920's) as a poor, but happy writer. you meet prolific writers along the way, such as scott fitzgerald and james joyce. i'd like to hear what people think of the book who have not visited paris themselves, because if you have, i don't see how you couldn't fall in love with it.

next up on my book hit-list is brave new world by aldous huxley. a novel which anticipates how humans will approach reproductive technology in the future, and our changing society. let's hope i won't be able to put this one down as well.

Friday, July 15, 2011

trinkets pale the moon

i can't admit that i have know about the mars volta for too long, but since a very important person introduced me to the pure genius that is the mars volta, i've been hooked. here is one of their new songs, trinkets pale the moon, performed live in helsinki. they are currently on a small tour (no shows in toronto unfortunately!) and just started rocking this new tune. enjoy!

hipster friday

it's hipster friday at the office (initiated last week by my good friend sandi), and in honour i'd like to share with you my hipster pattern of the day - black & white plaid. so  throw on your favourite plaid shirt, pull out your shades, throw your hair up in a messy bun and just don't give a care. happy hipster friday.

cheap finds

$9.99 - winners clearance rack

callum found this for $6.99 - value village
from callum's old camera collection - free for me haha
small glasses $2.99 - value village
wedgewood china $1.99 - value village

wedgewood china $8.99 for 6 - value village

two lamps for $20 - homesense clearance rack

here are a couple vintage or extremely cheap finds that are scattered around the loft. locations + prices are listed beneath. i think the best deal would be the two lamps i picked up for $20 from homesense, can't beat that.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

rock on

rock concert

this is what you could catch me in on my way to a rock concert. to be realistic,
i probably would trade the pumps for some converse, for safety's sake.

happy birthday meghan morrison (only a week late!)

photo via facebook

last friday callum and i paid a visit to aspetta cafe, where our friend meghan morrison was celebrating her birthday. she rented out the joint for the night and shared the stage with everyone in attendance. guests were encouraged (sometimes forced hah) to sign up for the open mic. we played cadaver bells & gypsy spells as well as the hangman's elm. aspetta is a small cafe (with a wicked patio) located in trendy kensington market. they have a stage that opens to the patio, nothing better then being able to enjoy live music while sipping a cider and chain smoking (kidding!...sort of... ew). callum and i were recently featured on meghan's weekly webcast, which you can find here.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


just a fun electronic song for your ears. interesting video as well.

life drawing at ben navaee gallery

last night callum and i attended a free life drawing class at ben navaee gallery in leslieville. they offer an array of classes, ranging from yoga, guitar, sculpture, photography all the way to holistic exercises. each tuesday they offer a free life drawing class from 7 - 9pm, so grab your sketchbook, load up on pencils (+ eraser) and pop in next time you're in the neighbourhood.

Monday, July 11, 2011

summer book club

i've decided to devote my summer reading to catching up on the classics. these are books that have been half-started or forgotten. some i've read before in school when the point was to get through it as quick as possible, without taking the time to absorb the context. i want to curl up and let the words sit with me. it's a daunting list, but i'm sure by the end of september i can knock more then half of these off. suggestions are welcome (and enouraged!) for a plan of action, i don't know where to start!
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