Thursday, June 23, 2011

shakespeare and company - paris, france

i was lucky enough to visit paris last fall for the first time. it is a truly beautiful city and from the moment i hopped on the plane back to the yyz i have been  devising a plan to return. on my list of "life goals" living in paris for at least a year is in my 5 year plan (first i need to learn french!). these shots are from shakespeare and company, THE bookstore to visit while visiting the city of lights. shopping here was the reason i had to cram so much into my purse for the flight back as the books weighed a ton! when you purchase a book at shakespeare and company they stamp the inside of your book which just makes them all the more special.

my top three finds were (well callum found the first one) perfume: the story of a murderer, the wild boys by william s. burroughs, and we have always lived in the castle.

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