Thursday, July 14, 2011

happy birthday meghan morrison (only a week late!)

photo via facebook

last friday callum and i paid a visit to aspetta cafe, where our friend meghan morrison was celebrating her birthday. she rented out the joint for the night and shared the stage with everyone in attendance. guests were encouraged (sometimes forced hah) to sign up for the open mic. we played cadaver bells & gypsy spells as well as the hangman's elm. aspetta is a small cafe (with a wicked patio) located in trendy kensington market. they have a stage that opens to the patio, nothing better then being able to enjoy live music while sipping a cider and chain smoking (kidding!...sort of... ew). callum and i were recently featured on meghan's weekly webcast, which you can find here.


Meghan Morrison said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, Alice! Love your photography :)

I'm glad you and Callum were able to come out and join us. It was a lot of fun!


Meghan :)

alice grey said...

we had a fantastic time. hopefully we'll be able to get together soon and play :)

xo alice

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