Monday, July 4, 2011

we're goin' to america!

"stop splashin' you're getting ma hair wet," is what i was screaming.

always apply sunscreen

wilbur's obese cousin

this past sunday i visited toronto island for the first time, ward island more specifically. arms loaded up with coolers and musical instruments of every sort, we caught the ferry and were on our way. i came across the fattest pig i have ever seen and saw the closest to clean beach since i've lived in the GTA. we had a little jam session on the beach, callum on guitar, christian st-pierre on the xylophone (which he picked up for only $10 at a pawn shop and she was a beaut!) and myself on the recorder/flute. i'm sure we annoyed the hell out of everyone around us trying to sunbathe. thanks to alex for showing us the way (especially the backtracking to the right path hah!) and kyle for making it out even though we left without him.

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