Thursday, July 7, 2011

strap up my books, i'm headin' out.

photos via smash

you know sometimes when your cruisin' (the street, the web, whatever's your vice) and you come across something that you didn't realize until that very minute you absolutely needed. well that's what happened when i stumbled upon smash. who knew you needed a book strap for all of your literary masterpieces while you take a stroll to the park. now i know, and there can't be anything cooler than strapping your books up and heading out to brush up on my nietzsche (which i have been reading for almost two months now, i'm envious of all you smart, smart people who can whip through those books in two days and feel like you got the gist of it). i say book straps beat a backpack any day. i imagine my books would have to be old and weathered as in the picture or else it wouldn't have the same effect. i might have to throw mine around a bit, man-handle them you could say, before they are worthy of being strapped up.

regarding the ladder, well i realized that this ladder would be much more space efficient  (and beautiful!) than the hideous carpeted stairs attached to my mezzanine at this very moment. and the globe? well everyone needs a globe and i myself, do not have one, but this one looks very pretty.

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