Wednesday, March 30, 2011

save the date

we just booked a show in may on FRIDAY THE 13, at the port bar. you can visit the link to rsvp.

value village addict: vanity ($14)

you wouldn't believe my surprise last night when i found this gem sitting outside
my local value village. in the time i went inside to pay, there were already
two people outside trying to scoop it up. what's great is it only set me back $20,
and it has added it's worth and more of charm to my empty bathroom. all it needs
is a fresh coat of paint and it'll look good as new.

today's tune: the white stripes - we're going to be friends

photo via pinterest

so it's now day four of trying to learn the guitar. i have added a grand total of three chords to my repertoire, so watch out! living with one of the best guitar teachers around definitely has it's perks (thanks callum!). i hope within a couple of weeks some songs will begin to take shape. until then, here's to the first song i butchered on the guitar.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a man-sized towel

some old ads i found while perusing an ancient copy of chatelaine.
can't say that i see too many daggers in this day and age.

homegrown music

a little late but still good, here are two of my favourite bands from
this years canadian music week - raised by swans + elephant stone.
i've never seen someone rock the sitar like elephant stone's own Rishi Dhir.
you can find both bands on myspace and on itunes.

good people, when they die, go to paris

photo's via pinterest

it's only the end of march and I'm already dreaming about where to go on vacation
this september. last year my boyfriend and i took a trip to paris and honestly, i fell in love.
so here's to planning another european vacation and to soaking up everything i love
most about the city, especially checking out the local music scene as well as consuming copious
amounts of french baguettes - preferably at the same time! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

for the rain runs on

photo via pinterest

just finished a new song last night with callum h.w. scotney, so here she is.
i think it may be my most favourite yet.

cadaver bells & gypsy spells - demo by alice grey + callumhwscotney

another night amongst the stars

the show on thursday at the port bar was a huge success. thanks to all that came out to support, especially christian st-pierre on the tambourine, and doug newman + andrew soloman for capturing the magic all night. there were a lot of new faces, so thanks to everyone for spreading the word. i will have new show dates to post soon, so keep your eyes peeled. love alice.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the time has come, the walrus said

only two more days until we play the port bar.
the show starts at 10pm sharp.

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