Tuesday, July 19, 2011

what to wear on a date

date night

i'm still trying to figure out what my signature style is, and the first conclusion i've come to is that i'm always trying to throw in a little rock and roll, whether it be with my constant black nails and heavy liner or with a studded bracelet. it's always there. i hope as i keep developing these outfits i'll begin to nail down what else makes my outfits "me".

i'm supposed to be catching a free flick at the harbourfront this evening and i need an outfit. so... what to wear on a date, it's always a tough question. i like to mix more feminine pieces with a little, what else, rock and roll. take this polka dot dress and throw on a black leather jacket. add some pearls, with a dark smoky eye and voila, instant girl with an edge (hah).

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