Monday, July 18, 2011

book hit-list: a moveable feast

in case you missed the original post, this summer i have dedicated myself to catching up on what i consider the literary basics. books i should have read by now, but they've somehow slipped through the cracks. the first book i can cross off the list is a moveable feast by ernest hemingway (which callum picked up in paris at shakespeare and company, the very store hemingway devotes a chapter to describing in the novel). this review may be a little prejudiced as i just traveled to paris last september, but reading this book brought me back to that little cafe just outside of our apartment. hemingway can describe a scene like no other, he's straight to the point, with little use of abjectives, but he still paints a beautiful picture and you feel like you're sitting right beside him taking it all in. the book is a memoir to his early days in paris (1920's) as a poor, but happy writer. you meet prolific writers along the way, such as scott fitzgerald and james joyce. i'd like to hear what people think of the book who have not visited paris themselves, because if you have, i don't see how you couldn't fall in love with it.

next up on my book hit-list is brave new world by aldous huxley. a novel which anticipates how humans will approach reproductive technology in the future, and our changing society. let's hope i won't be able to put this one down as well.

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