Tuesday, June 7, 2011

yeah, i made it: sailor knot bracelet

i was incredibly bored and hot last night after i got home from work. i wanted to do more then just sit on my butt and vegetate in front of the fan. i moved to the computer to find a craft that could be completed while sitting on my butt, vegetating in front of the fan. i found this fantastic etsy shop that sells nautical inspired bracelets, complete with DIY instructions for cheap people like me. it was pretty easy and has room for mistakes, perfect for all those people out there who make many.

all you need is 9 feet of twine, and your favourite 14oz can of food that's been hiding away in your cupboard (my weapon of choice was creamy corn). then visit this SITE to see the step by step instructions and voila, your free, super cheap, sailor knot bracelet.

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