Wednesday, June 1, 2011

sweaty hot

p.s. i grabbed photos from the webcast, so excuse the quality.

so last night callum and myself joined the lovely meghan morrison at her pad for an hour on her weekly webcast. she features local musicians each week. we played three songs (the hangman's elm, gypsy spells & cadaver bells, our december) and we also contributed our artistic talents (hah!) to a comic which she gets artists to add to each time they visit. at the end of the year she auctions off all of the art that was created by everyone and the proceeds go to various charities. it was super sweaty hot, but good times all around. thanks for having us on the show meghan!


Meghan Morrison said...

Hey Alice!

It was great having you and Callum on the show :) We should definitely do it again.

The screen shot you got of me looks like I'm pulling my shorts up, hahaha. It must just be a pixelated blur from my hand moving :)

Meghan Morrison

PS (I've got "Hangman's Elm" stuck in my head)

alice grey said...

Thanks so much for having us on Meghan. It was a blast and I can't wait until we can work together again.

Oh and the jam session was too much fun!

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