Thursday, June 2, 2011

easy peasy lemon squeezy

franz cline - chief (1950)

jackson pollock - number 1a (1948)

willem de kooning - woman I (1950-52)

i just came across a new exhibit featured at the ago and have added it to the bucket list for this summer. for the first time ever (EVER!) a collection of abstract masterpieces are leaving their cozy little home in new york city, from the museum of modern art, and making their way to the great city of toronto. it features all those fantastic artists, like jackson pollock and willem de kooning to name a few, that are famous for creating paintings that most people think that, well a 5 year old could pull off (wrong!). to quote the ago because they say it so well, this show features artist who dripped, splattered, and painted in fields of incredible colour. they placed their massive canvasses on the floors and walls, creating artwork that exploded into life. if you get a chance you should check it out. tickets are $25 for non-members (you can buy here) and the exhibit runs until september 4, 2011.

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