Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a very merry unbirthday party

the always brilliant and super thoughtful callum threw me a 'theme-surprise' birthday party last year, and when i walked into the room i was blow away at his attention to detail. complete with tea cups, clocks, painted roses, and unmarked drink me bottles, i really was alice in wonderland. he even picked me up an alice costume which you can laugh at in the photo above. if you want to throw your own alice in wonderland themed party, all you need is a big table, some teacups (not your best china preferably), some white labels so you can slap some hearts or spades on whatever strikes your fancy, all the clocks in your house, a deck of cards scattered around the room, and some red and white streamers for fun. he also picked up some fake white roses from the dollar store and went to town with a red sharpie. good job callum!

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