Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do you want to go in the bathroom and smoke a cigarette with me?

i have a slight crush on the uber-talented jason schwartzman, i'll admit it. all of these photos are from a 2009 campaign with band of outsiders, which usually features only the coolest actors/musicians. he's quirky and tends to choose projects that are completely original, or at least helluva interesting. he stars in one of my favourite shows, bored to death, which also features ted danson and zach galifianakis. he's a struggling writer as well as a private detective on the side. the show is witty and well written and since the day i spotted it on hbo i was hooked. he also stars alongside owen wilson and adrien brody in the criterion collection classic, the darjeeling limited. i could watch this movie continuously on repeat. if you haven't seen either of these shows/movies you need to. then get back to me on your jason schwartzman obsession, 10 points to the person who knows what movie the title of this post if from.

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