Friday, August 12, 2011

return of the mac

i know these arn't recent, but i just happened to watch party monster for the first time a couple weeks ago, and it made wish that macaulay culkin would make a grand return to films. i know his family is sprinkled throughout hollywood, but there's nothing quite like the original prankster.

he just did this film which i linked above, i have no idea what it's about except that it was filmed entirely on an iphone and when i scrolled through it i saw him in a luigi costume, so it's gotta be something crazy. it also features appearances by pete doherty and devendra banhart. after a little research i found that the flick follows director green and his band as they head off on a surreal adventure which sees them transported into a super mario game in an avant garde fantasy, apparently fuelled by ketamine.

these photos were taken by none other than photographer to the stars, terry richardson, in 2007. can you believe he was 27! does keven mcallister ever age!?

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